Activities in Morocco

The best activities in Morocco to when when you are on holiday in Agadir and Taghazout area. We offer daily activities besides surflessons such as: daytrip to Paradise Valley, sandboarding in the small Sahara and more. Choose your favourite activity in Taghazout or Agadir for when you are in in the area!

Snorkeling tour

This exciting half-day tour uses a traditional fishing boat to access some of the more pristine sections of the ocean to go snorkeling! Dive under the surface and find a whole new underwater life

Intermediate Surfcoaching

Become a great surfer with our intermediate surf coaching program for surfers that have some experience already!

Horse riding tour on the beach

Horse riding tour along the coastline of Tamraght and Taghazout during sunset. A magical activity on your holiday to Agadir, Tamraght or Taghazout!

Imesouane daytrip

Imesouane is a beautiful fishers village in the South of Morocco that is also famous for it’s surfing. Go on this daytrip to find out the beauty and traditional charm of Imesouane!

Expedition Paradise Valley

This adventurous daytrip to Paradise Valley in Morocco takes you to the beautiful palmtree oases and waterfalls between the ends of the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Private surflessons

Private surflessons for children, beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. Daily available in Taghazout, Tamraght or Agadir.

Beginner Surflessons

Learn how to surf on the beautiful coastline of Taghazout, Tamraght or Agadir! Professional surflessons from ISA certificated surfinstructors for all ages.

Sandboarding small Sahara

Visit the Small Sahara in Morocco and try out sandboarding. It is a fantastic adventurous activity while visiting Morocco! This 3hour daytrip can be organised from Agadir, Tamraght and Taghazout. 

Tamraght surfcamp

What are typical activities in Morocco?

If you are in Morocco and want to get to know the culture a bit better, you should definitely visit the hamam. Most hotels and surfcamps offer treatments in the local hamam of the area. A visit to a souk is also an essential activity to do when you are in Morocco. Here you can shop with the locals and wonder around between all small streets and shops. Another activity that is high on everyones list is a tour on a camel Camels living everywhere in Morocco and on beaches and squares you can always do a camel ride!

When in Morocco you should definitely taste some delicious tajines, couscous and fresh orange juice!

What is the best time to do activities in Morocco?

Morocco is easy to travel all year round. Because Morocco is such a large country, the temperature differences in winter are very large. In the south it doesn’t get colder than 20 degrees in winter, while it can snow in the mountains. In the summer it can get very hot in the Sahara while on the coast there are pleasant temperatures

It is therefore important to prepare your trip to Morocco well, and to consider what kind of weather conditions you would like to experience.

Activities in Morocco
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What area has the most activities to do?

Morocco is such a diverse and colorful country in terms of nature and culture that if you have more time, you should definitely travel around Morocco! For example, you can rent a car or travel from city to city by bus and train.

Surf Paradise Morocco is located in the south of Morocco, near Agadir. We think that here are the best activities to do because there are pleasant temperatures all year round. The nature is also very diverse and a citytrip can be combined with adventurous activities in nature.