Welcome in our Surf Paradise Morocco surfhouse in Tamraght!Suzanne and Zouhir

Some of you will already know it. Last months we where really busy with working in our new surfhouse. From now on, you can find us in Tamraght next to the main autoroute from Agadir. This house has lots of space, is cozy and beautiful, you walk out of the door and in a few minutes you are on the beach, all clean and comfortable rooms, breathtaking view on the sea and a restaurant on the groundfloor! We are working togheter with a great team of lovely people to make our dreams come true. Now we are really proud and would love to show you around in Our surfhouse!

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The rooms

The Surf Paradise morocco house has 7 rooms on 3 floors. All the rooms are just renovated, so brandnew and clean! All the rooms have flatscreen tv’s and airconditioning. Our main goals are making your stay comfortable and unforgetable! There are possibilities to stay with your family or just with your friends. We have rooms for 3 people, 2 people and couple rooms. On every floor there are 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen. On the top floor there is a big terras and a traditional Moroccan lounge with the perfect view on sea! This place is perfect to hang out and check the sunsets. The best part of the rooms is definitly the view from the windows. You can check the waves from your bed! We are happy to tell you that the surfhouse is ready and opening his doors to welcome our first guests!


Restaurant TamraghtRestaurant

On the ground floor of our surfhouse the best restaurant in town is opening soon! The beautiful garden, the kitchen, the space inside and outside and the view make this restaurant a perfect cozy place to enjoy your meals. In the morning you can enjoy your breakfast here and during the day we serve coffee and Moroccan thea. Feel welcome in the night to eat a Moroccan dinner (or just go for a delicious pizza!). From here you are only a few minutes away from the beach! We work hard to make everything perfect and ready.We hope to open our restaurant in a few weeks, more pictures are comming soon. You are welcome!




Surfguidings with Zouhirsurfgroup

As always, Zouhir will continue with the surfinglessons and guidings. We did make surftrips trough all of Morocco. More and more people to come to visit us! Especially in this time of the year the waves and surf are just amazing in Morocco. A lot of friends from different countries came to visit us, we had amazing surfing times with them and we hope to see them back really soon! Now it is around 25 degrees and the water is still hot. Everywhere good waves in Morocco! You’re done with the cold in your country? Don’t wait and make a surftrip to the paradise! 🙂