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The surfguiding week next level!

Looking for a quality surfguide holiday in Taghazout area that really brings you to the best surfspots you can imagine? Go to surf everyday on challenging surfspots for your level, on the right times, with the right swell and tides, + all inside surf information from experienced surfers & pro-surfers

The highlights:

  • Daily surfing from dawn till dusk
  • Explore over 150 KM of coastline in Taghazout & Agadir area
  • Surfing with other experienced surfers
  • Find those pumping waves with an empty line-up!

For who?

  • Are you an intermediate or advanced surfer?
  • Are you not in need for surflessons?
  • You can properly surf down the line, make some turns, surf different surfbreaks
  • Are you looking for a QUALITY surfguiding week?
  • Stoked to meet other passionated surfers?

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Tell me more!

With over 20 years experience in this area, our surfguides knows exactly where to find the best places to find the best surfconditions with the lightest crowds.

Our team of Moroccan pro-surfers who surf in national and international competitions are always searching for the right waves to prepare themselves for their next competition. During the surfguiding they will take you to that spots that are suitable for advanced surfers.

We go further, deeper into the sahara, and willing to spend all our time and energy to find this one perfect uncrowded wave.We are so passionate about the region and its unlimited surf potential, that our team would love to take you there!

Several pro-surfers such as Heidar Lotfi, Yasin Ramdani, and Sofie Mulano have already surfed with us, but you do not have to be a pro-surfer to go with us on surfguiding to find this perfect waves.


The spots that we will go to

To find the perfect wave, many different factors have to come together. The right swell, current, wind and tides on the right break can create a fantastic interplay of waves all at that one single moment. That is why we travel often to unknown surf spots in the far North or South of Taghazout.

You might have heard about surfspots: La Source, Killer Point, Anchor point or Mistery. You will definitely visit this spots!

But we go further!
But because we are really looking for those perfect waves we go further than the basic surfguidings into the non-touristic areas. We will travel around along 150KM of coastline to Sahara surfspots such as: Dwira, Tifnit, Tamri, Boilers, Slap or Imesouane. This are the more unknown surfspots but definitely worth visiting!

Swell info

Morocco is famous for the long right points light up during the autumn, winter and spring. Summer can be flat for long periods. Swells track north down the coast from the productive Atlantic and having propagated so far from their source are mostly of a long period. Dominant winds are from the north-west to north-east and anything that has even a fraction of east in it can set the whole region pumping. The main spots are focused around towns such as Agadir and Taghazoute leaving miles of empty coastline, especially to the south, open to exploration. Sea temperatures vary between 16 and 22°C/61 to 72°F

Practical info

Groupsize: Max 6 students per surfguiding group
Surfguides: Zouhir and his team, all ISA certificated surfguides.
Duration: Minimum 6 hours guiding per day! Times are depending on the tides. Our surfguides are available all day round.
Waves: Avanced waves in the area of Taghazout, Tamraght, Tamri, Tifnit, Imesouane


You will be staying at the surf & yoga house in Tamraght, Morocco. The surf house is owned by Suzanne (from Holland) and Zouhir (Moroccan surfchampion). The homely and traditional house is newly renovated with a lot of detail, brand new, and clean to European standards. All rooms have European beds, closets, and hot showers. All the rooms have their unique traditional moroccan style.

The accommodation includes:

  • WiFi in the whole surfcamp
  • Clean towels & linen are provided
  • 24/7 host available that helps you out with everything
  • Daily delicious breakfast on the rooftop
  • Unlimited using of all surfcamp services
  • Choose between a shared room or private room!



Transport from Agadir Airport

Send your flightnumber and exact arrival time to Surf Paradise Morocco and there will be a taxi driver welcoming you from the airport to bring you savely and easy to the surfcamp. He will help you out with all your luggage!


Take your time and breathe!

You finally arrived at the surfcamp! Your holiday did just start. Take your time to settle down and relax in the tropical garden or on the sunny terrace. You can join activities or order delicious foods in the restaurant. Take time to check the waves and relaxxx



Every morning you can order your own delicious breakfast. Choose between traditional Moroccan starters or a more fruity start of the day! The breakfast is served on the terrace with a stunning view over the bay!



Depending on the swell we choose our departure time to the right surfspot. We packing all our surfgear and leaving the house. Once arrived the surfguide will explain more about the spot and then: SURFING TIME!



Enjoy the 5 delicious Moroccan dinners on the rooftop terrace, together with other travelers and surfers. They are included in your package! After dinner we organise campfire nights, henna nights, game nights and more, so make sure to join this cozy evenings to meet other like-minded travellers!


Surfsession part 2

In the afternoon we have another surfsession planned. Sometimes on the same location but other days we drive to another surfspot where the waves might work better.


Time to relaxxxx

After the surf it is time to relax and lay down a bit. After the intense day you have some free time to do something by yourself!



We hope that you had a fantastic time at Surf Paradise Morocco and the goodbye will be hard. On your departure day you can reservate a taxi to the airport. The taxi driver will help you on the way back!


  • 1 Week accommodation in the surfhouse
  • WiFi
  • Daily healthy breakfast
  • 24/7 Staff Assistance
  • Clean towels and bedsheets
  • Use all surfcamp services for free!


  • 6 complete surf guiding days
  • 6 days high quality surf equipment
  • Surftrips to: Imesouane, Tifnit, Dwira or Tamri (depending on the swell)
  • Sunrise & sunset surfsessions
  • Daily delicious (beach) lunch
  • Guiding & coaching from ISA certificated surf guides that know the area
  • Transport to the best surfspot of the day
  • Surfing on the best surfspots of the day, every day another surfspot!

Other extras

  • Agadir airport transfer with boardbag
  • 5x dinner

What is not included yet?

  • Flight to Agadir
  • Surf assurance (additional)
  • Extra activities

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    Group Size
  • start:
    Group Size: No Size Limit
    price: 399.00 /Person

    Trip Extras:

    Airport drop-off (Departure) – 1 person- FREE
    € 0.01 / unit

    Airport drop-off (Departure) FREE

    Learn More
    5 yogalessons
    € 45 / unit

    5 yoga lesson (5 hour) (price per person)

    Learn More
    Upgrade to private triple room (3 persons)
    € 150 / unit

    Upgrade to private triple room per week (per 3 persons)

    Learn More
    Upgrade to private single room (per person)
    € 90 / unit

    Upgrade to private single room for 1 week (per person)

    Learn More
    Upgrade to private double room (per 2 persons)
    € 100 / unit

    Upgrade to private double room for 1 week (per 2 persons)

    Learn More
    Sandboarding in the Small Sahara – 1 person
    € 25 / unit

    Sandboarding in the Small Sahara for 1 person

    Learn More
    Water bottle on arrival
    € 1 / unit

    Receive a water bottle on your arrival in the surfcamp

    Learn More
    Surfassurance, 1 week, for 1 person
    € 20 / unit

    Surf Paradise Morocco surfequipment assurance for 1 week, 1person

    Learn More
    Airport pick up – arrival Agadir -1 person – FREE
    € 0.01 / unit

    Airport pick up - arrival AgadirAdd an airport pick up to your arrival day. Important to confirm your airport pick-up:Send you phonenumber, exact arrival time and flightnumber to Surf Paradise Morocco and you will receive a confirmation.

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