Beginner surf camp in Morocco - Everything you should know!

Everything you should know about a beginner surf camp in Morocco

Beginner surf camp in Morocco

Morocco is one of the best surf destinations in the world for beginner surfers. But what do you need to know about a beginner surf camp in Morocco?

On this blog you will read:

    1. When are you a beginner surfer?
    2. Is it possible to do a complete surfcamp as complete beginner?
    3. What will you learn on a beginner surfcamp in Morocco?
    4. Why should you do a beginner surfcamp in Morocco?
    5. What are my options for a beginner surfcamp in Morocco?
    6. How do I learn to surf?
    7. What can I do in Morocco besides surfing?
    8. How can I prepair myself for a beginner surf camp?
    9. What should I know more about beginner surfcamps?
Beginner surfcamp Morocco
Surf level infographic, explains the surflevels of a surfer

1. When are you a beginner surfer?

Do you wonder if you are still a beginner surfer? You can ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have you ever surfed before?
2. have you surfed a few times?
3. Would you like to learn the basics of surfing?

If the awnser is yes on this questions, then you are a beginner surfer and you can participate in the beginners surf lessons in the surf camp!

As a beginner surfer on a surfcamp in Morocco you will learn everything about the correct position on your surfboard, how to perform your pop-up, how to keep your balance and surf the wave. You do this on broken waves, or: white waves with a soft board.

Can you learn to surf in a week as beginner surfer?

In one week surf holiday in a beginner surfcamp you can learn the basics of surfing! You will definitely be able to surf and stand on your surfboard within a week! However, if you want to be able to surf permanently, you will have to repeat the basics of surfing often, and certainly have to surf once every month if you want to keep your surfing skills up to date.

Surfing in Morocco as beginner is possible all year long!

2. Can you do a complete surfcamp as beginner to a surfer?

As beginner you can join a beginner surfcamp in Morocco, even if you have never tried surfing before!

Did you know that 80% of our guests who visit our surf camp in Morocco are beginner surfers? Most of our guests have never surfed or only a few times. That is why you can also call us a specialist in beginner surf camp holidays!

A surf camp in Morocco is great for learning to surf because you can focus completely on surfing for a few days or longer. During a beginners surf camp you get plenty of opportunity to practice for many hours on different waves, in addition, the waves at the surf destination are often better than at home. Another great plus are the great temperatures in Morocco, what makes it great to spend days on the beach and in the water!

Beginner surflessons in beginner surfcamp Morocco

3. What will I learn on a beginner surf camp?

At a surf camp for beginners you have a few days to weeks to fully focus on surfing. In most surf camps in Morocco, the surf camps have a structure of a surf lesson in the morning and a surf lesson in the afternoon. This gives you at least 4 hours a day to practice in the water!
During a beginners surf camp you learn the basics of surfing. You learn this through theory and practical lessons. After a few days (3 or 4 surfing days) you know the basics of surfing and you can probably get up to surf a broken wave. You know the right position on your surfboard and you also know how to paddle.

  • What is a good position on your board?
  • How to paddle
  • How to stand up?
  • How to surf a broken wave
  • How to find balance
    After 3 or 4 days you will be able to stand up by yourself and surf a broken wave!

4. Why is Morocco so good for a beginner surf camp?

Wave after wave, A coastline that just keeps on producing non-stop waves like a machine!

What season on a beginner surfcamp?

Whether you visit Morocco in the summer for a surf trip, or you come to surf in the winter, there are always waves! In some weeks the swell will be stronger than other weeks, this depends on many different factors in the ocean. Fortunately, there are many different surf spots in the area where you can surf as a beginner surfer (Such as: Devils Rock, Anza or Camels point. ) This allows us to always choose a surf spot that is suitable for a beginner surfer:
– Sandy beaches
– No reefs
– Waves of 0.5 till 1 meter
– Waves coming in rhythmically

Climate in Morocco

In addition, there is a pleasant climate that fluctuates between 20 and 30 degrees all year round. This makes it wonderful to spend your time on the beach, by the sea. Especially wintertime it is a great surf destination and much warmer as a surf holiday to Portugal, France or Spain.

Budget surf destination Morocco

Moreover, Morocco is a budget destination for a surf holiday. Surfing can be an expensive sport, but Morocco offers competitive prices when it comes to surf lessons, meals, transport and accommodation! Flying to Morocco is also a great thing, within a 3 or 4 hours traveling from Europe you are already on your destination, and the flight tickets are around 50 EUR one way, this is totally different as going on a surfholiday to Bali or a surftrip to Australia!

The surfpots in Morocco

If you go on a surf holiday to Morocco, you will most likely go to Taghazout and surroundings on a surf holiday. There are many possibilities for a surf holiday in this area. This is because there are so many different surf spots in the area. If you take surf lessons or hire a surf guide (or rent a car yourself), all these surf spots can be reached within half an hour, giving you a lot of choice to go surfing!

Morocco as travel destination

Even if you don’t know yet whether a full surf holiday suits you, you can go surfing on your holiday to Morocco. The Moroccan nature is overwhelming and the locals are very cordial. You can easily enjoy a few weeks in Morocco with different activities!

Beginner surf Taghazout Morocco, Surf lessons in the surf camp for beginners

A fully arranged surf trip to Morocco where you will participate in the beginners surf lessons. Wetsuit and surfboard are included in the package, as well as 3 meals a day, transport, and a taxi from the airport (Agadir). You can book this surf package from 3 days to 3 weeks.

The most simple surf and accommodation package to Morocco! Get surf lessons and stay at the surf camp. You can fill in the rest of your holiday at your own preference!

Surfholiday to Morocco

Are you someone who immediately wants to give 100%? This is possible if you participate in the surf academy! The surf academy is a special part of our surf school, where in-depth surf lessons are given with theory lessons. You will stay at the surf camp in Morocco from 3 weeks, where you will completely dedicate yourself to your new passion: Surfing! After following the program you will certainly be at an advanced surf level.

6. How can I learn to surf fast and easy?

if you want to learn to surf in Morocco it is best to book a surf camp trip for beginners with surf lessons.  surf lessons are crucial when it comes to learning to surf because you learn the right foundation from qualified surf instructors with experience.  A surf holiday is an intense but great experience in which you can fully dive into the surfer’s life and also learn a lot.

while learning to surf it is important that you have a surf coach with you who knows the surf spot where you surf well.  He ensures that you surf under the right surfing conditions, with waves that suit your surfing level.  The surf school of your surf camp will ensure that you surf under safe conditions and you will also receive the right lessons so that you can quickly progress in your surfing skills.

Beginner surflesson at the beginner surf camp in Morocco
Morocco surf

7. What can I do in Morocco besides surfing?

Morocco is so much more as just a great surf destination! Morocco has a great climate and a beautiful culture that is completely different from European culture. Discover the markets for great prices (the markets) where you can buy the most beautiful handmade souvenirs for great prices through haggling. Go on an expedition to Paradise Valley or to the Little Sahara or take a camel ride. Besides the beach there are many fun things to do!

  • Visit the vollage Taghazout
  • Go Sandboarding in the Small Sahara
  • Go to Paradise Valley
  • Visit the souks in Agadir
  • Do a hamam treatment
  • Ride a camel on the beach
  • Try Moroccan tea
  • Watching pro surfers in Anchor Point
  • Visit the skatepark in Taghazout
  • Go to the crocodile park in Agadir or Dolphin world in Anza

8. How can I prepair for a beginner surf camp?

If you are going on a surfing holiday for the first time, you may wonder how you can best prepare for this.

Your physical condition

Our surf lessons are approximately 5 hours per day. This can demand a lot from your body, especially if you are not used to be active for so many hours a day. Make sure you are physically fit to avoid injuries, and avoiding getting too tired after a few days surfing.

An ideal way to prepare for surfing is by swimming. Your entire body is active and you train muscles that are also important for surfing. Do you want to get used to surfing movements, but there is no sea nearby? Skateboarding and snowboarding are very similar to wave surfing in terms of movement!

Planning your beginner surf camp holiday

So you would like to go on a surf holiday to Morocco as a beginner, but how do you plan your first surf trip and what do you have to take into account? Firstly, it is important to decide with whom you are going on a surf holiday, this largely determines the layout of your surf trip.

A surf camp with children is different than when you travel solo, for example. In our surf camp we have many solo travelers who stay in our shared rooms, super nice if you want to meet other beginner surfers and share new experiences together, you will never feel alone! For families we have special family accommodation and surf lessons for children. We even have a complete surf holiday package for families!

You can choose to plan a fully arranged surf trip, but you can also opt for a trip that you can organize yourself a bit more.

You should know that visiting a surf camp is a social activity. People meet during and after surfing, eat together and you will sure make new friends when visiting a beginner surfcamp!

What to pack for your first surfholiday to a surfcamp

Things to bring with you to the beach

  • Swim wear
  • Towel(s)
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen (zinc)
    on a beginners surfcamp you will mainly be in and around the water. So make sure you bring enough swimwear and towels. In our beginners surf camp in Morocco towels are provided (you have to take care of your beach outfit yourself 😉 ) After having been in the water for hours, you will probably prefer to wear comfy clothes and have something warm with you.
    In addition to clothing, make sure you also bring the best sun protection: a surfers sunscreen with zinc (this does not wash off in the sea) A hat for surfing (preferably one with a string under your chin) or wear the hat the beach. flip flops for the beach, and a Gopro or other camera so you can take cool pictures. It is useful to bring a small day bag in which you can put all these things.
Surf guiding holiday Morocco Taghazout

9. What more do I need to know about a beginner surf camp?

  1. Morocco and alcohol: can you drink a beer on a surfholiday to Morocco in Morocco after your surfsession? Yes! Even though Morocco is a Muslim country, there are many possibilities to drink a beer or a glass of wine on our terrace or visit a pub/restaurant/nightclub in Agadir!
  2. Make sure to reservate in time, because the surfcamp is quickly sold out!
  3. As beginner surfer you can even do the surf instructor course where you’ll become a surf instructor in 3 months time!
  4. There are options to go for a surf holiday in summer time or winter time as beginner surfer in Morocco. Read our full article about the surfseasons to get more info about this!

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