Surfcamp in Morocco

Surf camp in Morocco,

Get ready for a surf adventure in paradise!

Yeehaah! Welcome at your surf camp in Morocco: Surf Paradise Morocco

Surf camp: Surf Paradise surfcamp Morocco is located in the South of Morocco, in between Agadir and Taghazout. On a few hundred meters from the beautiful beach Banana beach. On a fantastic spot in the small fishers village Tamraght.

By joining Surf Paradise Morocco you will become part of a great adventurous surfers family. Our Surfcamp in Tamraght, Morocco is located on a stunning place where you will learn how to surf from a team of professional surfers and mindlike souls that desire to share the passion of surfing. We are a small scale surfcamp, you will stay in our home-stay accommodation, out from the touristic beaten paths, and we bring you on a unique surfadventure you will never forget!

Get prepaired for: Awesome surf experience, meeting locals, sick adventures on land, delicious foods, and never wanna leave!

Choose your surf holiday in the surfcamp Morocco

Adventure holiday Morocco with the surfcamp

Experiencing a great adventure holiday in Morocco with more than just surfing! Visit the small Sahara, try out sandboarding, go to Paradise Valley and much more activities!

From € 285 pp/5 nights

Surf camp Morocco, Taghazout, complete holiday

Looking for an all-in surfpack for your next surfcamp in Morocco? This holiday has it all! Get daily surflessons ( beginner surflessons or intermediate surflessons) 3 meals a day, transport, and a fantastic evening program!

From € 315 pp/5 nights

Surf and yoga holiday in morocco

Enjoying the exiting surfing and blissful yogasessions during sunsets/sunrise. Get yogalessons once or twice a day and surflessons for beginner or intermediate surfes

From € 285 pp/5 nights

Simple but all basics a surfer need! Stay in the surfcamp in Morocco, get daily breakfast & lunch and get surflessons (for beginner or intermediate)

From € 215 pp/5 nights

family surf holidays to Morocco

A care-free surfholiday with the whole family, children surflessons and activities that are suitable for both children and their parents. This is your way to go as surfing family looking for a family surfcamp!

From € 355 pp/5 nights

Surf coaching surfinstructor lessons

Are you an experienced surfer that loves to surf the best waves and discover fantastic secret surfspots with empty line-ups? The surfguiding holiday of the surfcamp is everything you have been looking for!

From € 215 pp/5 nights

Want to stay for a longer period in Morocco? Surf Paradise Morocco offers great options to accommodate your stay with working space, great packages and prices.  Hibernate and forget covid for a while! 🙂

Surf lessons Agadir Marokko

Do you want to learn to surf like a pro and stay in the surf paradise for a longer period of time? Which can! Start now in the surf academy as a novice or intermediate surfer and participate in the daily surf training. Participation is possible from 3 weeks to 3 months. Over 16 years.

Surf Academy, surflessons surfcamp Morocco Taghazout

Get your surf instructor diploma in Morocco in 3 months. Stay with other participants in the surf camp and experience a surfing adventure you will never forget! Especially for gap year students from the age of 18.

Volunteer project Morocco

A unique 4-week program in which you not only go surfing yourself, but also help with the surf project to give local children surf lessons! In addition to surfing, many fun activities are organized!
From 18 years old, and you can participate as a solo traveler or with a group

surf and accommodation in Tamraght

The surf camp in Morocco - Accommodation

On the foothills of the Atlas, on a stonethrow away from most famous surfspots: Devil’s rock and Banana beach you can find the surfcamp in a peaceful and quiet town: Tamraght.

Dive into the surfers lifestyle in the surfcamp Morocco!

At the surf camp Morocco Surf Paradise Morocco it is all about surfing. Staying at a surfers family, living the surfers life. We are in and around the ocean from sunrise till sunset. Learn to surf, find breathtaking waves and spend your days at stunning beaches!

Surfing isn’t just a sport, it is a way of living!

Accommodation in the surfcamp : Your Moroccan surfers home

Our surfcamp concept creates a very easy going and open vibe where it is easy to meet other like-minded travellers. 80% of our guests are solo travelers!

At the surfcamp there is place for maximum 30 people and everybody lives together like a family. Be prepaired, you will arrive as guests and leave as family: Before you know it you will be picked up by the group & Moroccan staff and make lifelong friendships!

Our accommodation is our home, do not expect a fancy all-inlcuding hotel vibe, but a relaxed place with simple rooms in the house of our surf-family!

Surfcamp Morocco surfholiday adventures

Surf adventures & holidays to explore the coastline

On our adventures we go further, we go left where others go right… We go off the beaten touristic path… 

We do this because we believe that the best waves can be found on those stunning undiscovered beaches. Morocco has still so many of this surfspots that are ready to welcome you. This is real paradise for us. And what is better to be there alone in the line-up?!

Meet Zouhir: the camp-owner and surfer in heart and soul. As multiple national surfchampion and countless of teaching experience he knows exactly how to get you on that board and surf waves like you did never do before.

Zouhir and his surf team is offering daily surflessons from beginners but also for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Surfcamp surfing Morocco
Paradise Valley activities in Surfcamp

In Morocco there is so much more to discover! Not only the waves and the ocean are fantastic: also inland there are beautiful places to see and adventures to experience. Go cliffjumping with us in Paradise Valley, experience a sandboarding day in the Small Sahara, or taste the Moroccan culture in the collorful souks of Agadir. 

Start your surfholiday today at surfcamp Morocco!

Meet the Surf Paradise surfcamp Morocco family!

Hi, we are Suzanne, Zouhir, Nasser, Hamza and the rest of the team. Together we welcoming you at our small and homely surfcamp in the South of Morocco. As team with Dutch and Moroccan (pro)surfers we share our passion with fantastic people from all over the world. 

We not only want to show you the beautiful touristic side of Morocco but we want to let our guests experience the real Morocco with all it’s pure and raw sides. We believe that this version of Morocco is real paradise.

Arriving as guest, leaving as family!

Through the days we understood that travelers like to be in wonderful accommodation but what is most important is for them is the experience and caring personal treatment. We really loved this way of working because we saw how people arrived as guests and left us with great lifetime memories as true friends. Come surf in Morocco with us and become part of the surfcamp family!

Your surfcamp in Morocco,Taghazout, Agadir Morocco


guest surfcamp Morocco

What an extraordinary, life changing, life enhancing experience. Thanks to Surf Paradise I have made a bunch of extraordinary friends, was able to find my zest for adventure again and finally get into the water to do some surfing. - Casper -

guests surfcamp morocco

From the moment I arrived until the day I left, everybody really made me feel at home! I strongly recommend if you ever want to get into surfing & visit the area surrounding Agadir. I will definitely return sometime.
- Kiara -

Surfing isn't just a sport, it is a way of living! ​

A surfcamp Morocco: Start your surfholiday today!

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