Surf guiding Morocco

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Discover the Moroccan coastline with our surfguiding!


Are you an advanced and experienced surfer? This is the perfect way to explore to moroccan coastline and surf as much as possible! Whether you want to surf around Rabat or Taghazout, we have the experience and knowledge of all Moroccan coast to show you the best and secret surfspots of the area! You don’t have to waste any time by searching good surfspots or surf bad waves. Our experienced local surf guider bring you excactly to the place where the surf is working the best at that time. We will help you to surf as much as possible and search the best waves for your abilities.

We surf on the spots:

* Bananabeach * ANZA * Lapoint * Tamri * Killerpoint * Key69 * LaSource* Mysteries* Dessertpoint * Panorama * Croco *


surfguiding-moroccoSuitable for your surfing skills

You have heard about the fantastic surf and surfspots of Morocco, but you’re worried about the potential but rare dangers off reef surfing? Don’t worry, we’ll take you to a surf that suits your abillities. We will carefully explain you about the surfspots. We show you the currents and dangers of every surfspot and where to go in and out of the water.



Personal surfcoaching

In our surfguiding you get proffesional coaching from a pro-surfer. He can tell you exactly what to do to improve your surf to surf better waves, go faster, duckdive and make surf so much more easy for you! All the day he will be there for you for all your questions about surf. In a few easy steps and changes in your surfstyle you will grow so much in your surf. You can use this knowledge the rest of your life for endless surfdays everywhere in the world!

  • Make surfing more easy

  • Get personal tips

Discover all Moroccan coastline!

All Moroccan coastline is blessed with amazing surfspots. We can imagine you want to find the best and secret spots of Moroccco, there is much more than only Taghazout and area! Hit the road and make a surftrip on the Atlantic coastline! Our local surf guides have years of experience in Morocco. They know the area’s and where to go. Whether you are in Rabat, Essouira, Mirleft or Agadir we will help you out with your amazing surf holiday!


What’s in?surfspot killerpoint

  • We check the best conditions for you in the early morning till sunset.
  • We give you advice to improve your technique, learn about the waves, tides and wind on the spots. We’ll show you where to go in and out of the water
  • We search for surfspots that suits your abilities.
  • We make some good surfing pictures of you to reflect and improve your surfing in the evenings. The pictures are also an good souvenir to bring home!
  • Transport to the surfspots
  • All day personal surfcoaching from a pro-surfer!

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